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  1. Fibromyalgia

    Posted by
    What is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is a disorder in the central nervous system. It’s caused by neurobiological abnormalities. People with fibromyalgia are victims of physiological pain and cognitive impairments. Some healthcare professionals describe it as a central sensitization syndrome. This type of disorder is often associated with depression and anxiety. People...
  2. Degenerative Disc Disease

    Posted by
    What is Degenerative Disc Disease? Degenerative disc disease is a common cause of natural lower back pain. It’s highly misunderstood due to its name. Patients who suffer from degenerative disc disease deal with lower back pain on a regular basis. Many people think it’s a harmful disease, but that isn’t...
  3. Anatomy of Your Spine

    Posted by
      About Your Spine A healthy spine can prevent back pain and muscle spasms. Your spine is very fragile and it’s important to know how it works. There are three main sections to your spine. They are known as cervical, thoracic and lumbar. 24 Vertebrae Bones Cervical – The Neck,...